Taste Yourself

I am going to ask you something that you should have asked yourself long before this moment. Do you think you know yourself well enough? Are you able to talk about your desires? What about your sexual fantasies?

Masturbation, dick or fuck are some words that many women avoid when discussing with others. Even with their closest friends. We are afraid to be judged when we express our sexual fantasies or talk dirty.

Many women feel uncomfortable talking about their sexual desires, sometimes even with their partner.

A strong woman is one who knows herself, knows her body and does not feel ashamed to express her ideas or desires, even if they are related to sex.

Let’s talk about sex!

A way to understand the word “sex” is by making the difference between sex and the individual experience of sexuality.

Sex is what you do, while sexuality is what you are!

When you truly understand the power of sexuality you will not be ashamed to express your sexual thoughts and desires freely.

Our duty is teaching you how to give up your inhibitions and understand that sex is more than just a physiological need or a means of reproduction. Sex is our body! Sex is our mind! Sex is our soul!

Only when you understand this you will be able to exploit your sexual thoughts and feelings in order to really get to know yourself and understand what will sexually satisfy you.

Let us help you reach that degree of sexuality that you want.



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Dick Lover

Founder of Her Lust. I'm a woman who understands the power of sexuality and my mission is to inspire all women to explore their sexual self. We all have to understand how important is to express our sexual thoughts and desires freely.

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