My First Lesbian Experience

My First Lesbian Experience

It was a typical day in my life. The same program as in the past few years, all my attention was on my stressful job, though it provided all the comfort I needed. From time to time and I remember that I love what I do, but I did not have enough time to think about myself.

That evening, as in many others, I stayed up late at the office to finish my job. I thought I was the only one left in the company, but at that moment in my office came Maria, my boss.

She sat down and started looking at me in a very sexy way.

“We are alone”, she said while biting her lips. Do not worry, I believe that only a woman can please the body and soul of another woman. I know that you need the same thing.




In that moment, I saw how she got up her chair and came behind me, catching me by the shoulders and slightly raising me. She started to firmly massage me, then let her hands slide on my chest and opened my buttoned shirt with her fingertips touching my skin.

Suddenly it all started to feel very intense and my shirt’s buttons were opening one by one, exposing my round breasts. She then starts to sensually touch them with her hands and gently massage them, occasionally pinching my nipples.




Very excited, she pushed me towards the wall. It was cold. She took my face in her hands and kissed me long, tender but hungry. I felt overwhelmed, excited, want, beautiful.

I catched her hips and pulled her towards me, I took off her blouse and skirt, and I leaned over her delving into her small breasts. I kissed, licked, lightly bited, while I was descending down the abdomen, near her pussy. Then get up and kissed her on the lips, but this time more violently.

After that, I grabbed her hair pushing her head towards me and I kissed her neck. Everything was becoming increasingly hot and humid.




I rotated and let her down, lifted her leg over my shoulder, and tried to touch her labia with the tip of my tongue. I touched even that big clit and I heard a resounding groan.

She begged me for more, she wanted me in her pussy, asking to relieve the pain and delight me with her warm juice.

I wanted exactly the same thing but I just played with her a little longer. I did not want her to anticipate what would happen next. I wanted to surprise her in the exact way she did it to me.

I was playing with my tongue all over her pussy, the clit, around it, between labia, I went near the entrance. It was very wet.  I was hoping to excite her so hard that she would finish in my mouth as soon as I went deeper.

Already trembling, it was increasingly difficult for her to stand up. I rubbed her clit with my fingers and finally got there where both wanted. She grabbed my head moaning, shaking, and repeating not to stop… but I stopped, and at that moment I felt a wave of hot juice invading my mouth.

I got up to kiss her, she dodged, but then she became very wild and hungry for pleasure. I could see in her eyes the pleasure and the desire to taste my body.

She leaned to lick every inch of my pussy like she didn’t know what to start with…she was chaotic in motion like a hungry man who doesn’t know where to take the first bite of that delicious food.




She was moving increasingly faster, leaning her body over me, biting my breasts, neck and lips. She only stopped by the time I yelled.

She got up, sat down on the chair and lighted a cigarette…




Story sent by anonymous, images by us.



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