How To Make Him Last Longer

The How To Make Him Last Longer guide!

No doubt you love getting busy with your man, but it can be frustrating when he can’t go the distance.

Most men finish too quickly, a condition also known as premature ejaculation. Such men are usually done in less than five minutes. It wouldn’t be so bad if we were just as fast, but the fact is, we take a little bit more time to get things going.

It is very important for you to know that your man is actually embarrassed and disappointed whenever he shoots too early. He may even start avoiding sex, altogether, out of fear of disappointing you.

Five minutes is pretty standard for most men, but that timeline can be frustrating for women since we require around 20 minutes to reach orgasm! Fortunately, there are plenty of things you can do to help him last longer.

Lasting longer can mean some one-on-one

You’ve all heard it before: Practice makes perfect.

By stroking himself and figuring out at which point he feels like ejaculating, he can learn how to maintain his erection and avoid premature incidents.

The more familiar he becomes with his body, the quicker he’ll recognise when he is getting too excited during sex. That way, he can slow down or change positions before it’s too late!

Don’t skip foreplay

Couples that indulge in foreplay report having sex for longer than those who don’t. The more time you spend on foreplay, the longer you’ll be in bed together.

Let him watch you and make masturbation part of your foreplay. “Tell him you want him to watch you touch yourself. He will love it!”

One of the best techniques to make a man last longer during sex is by achieving orgasm during foreplay. Just yourself or both of you.

It is likely to last longer as he had already relieved some of the sexual pressure in his body. He is also under no fear of reaching orgasm ahead of you as you already have done so.

When he knows that he can make you orgasm over and over again with just his mouth and hands, he is not going to be as anxious about how quickly he is going to get off. The relief from all that anxiety is going to help him slow down and enjoy the sex, too.

How To Make Him Last Longer

How To Make Him Last Longer – Reach Orgasm During Foreplay

Slow down

To get your guy to last longer, have him start slow.

Sex at a slower pace leads to a more connected experience for both people. It’s more sensual because he is caressing and exploring the rest of your body. He can kiss your neck, nuzzle your ear and let his hands gently explore your body.

If he feels like he’s going to come, he should stop thrusting and wait a few seconds until he can control himself and start up again.

When you stop sex and start again, it will allow him to cool down for a few before getting going again. Use this time to just kiss without touching or give each other massages.

Try the squeeze technique

The squeeze technique involves squeezing certain parts of the penis in order to reduce sensation as well as using some muscles in the penis to stop the process of ejaculation in its tracks.

At some point during sex, have your guy pull out and gently squeeze the head of his penis.

Gently squeezing and holding the shaft of the penis before your man enters you can help decrease his arousal and, thereby, make him last longer.

You can also alternate between shallow and deep thrusts. This can make him last longer and will also make the experience a lot more fun.

Try different positions

Don’t stick to just one position from beginning to all-too-soon end during sex.

 Switching positions and trying different types of stimulation can provide continued arousal but maybe not to the point of orgasm. So if she takes longer, as is usually the case, she can gear up to the orgasms more gradually with him and both can last longer.

Changing positions a few times when you have sex will give him an opportunity to take a quick breath and readjust his pace. Here are some of the greatest positions you’ll both enjoy.

  •  Woman on top – Take charge once in a while and get on top of him. Woman on top can be a little tricky for some men because the penetration is deep and the view is hot. But if you lean forward, the penetration becomes shallower, your movements become less intense, and you can focus more on kissing and caressing.
How To Make Him Last Longer

How To Make Him Last Longer – Woman On Top

  • Sitting –  Have him sit up with his legs crossed and slowly lower yourself into his lap, using your hand to guide his penis into you. Wrap your legs around his back, and your arms around his neck. In this position, you can go slow and take plenty of breaks to make out passionately. There’s deep penetration, but no possibility of intense thrusting.
How To Make Him Last Longer

How To Make Him Last Longer – Sitting

  • Spooning – Both of you lay on your sides, facing the same direction. He will be in charge of most of the action, but you can move slowly and subtly since he is likely to fall out if he gets too enthusiastic. This position creates shallow penetration, so he won’t be overstimulated.
How To Make Him Last Longer

How To Make Him Last Longer – Spooning

Obviously, these positions won’t work wonders for everyone, but they will definitely feel great for many.

I have some tips for your man, also!

  • Control your tempo if you can, and remember that sex isn’t a race. Try to keep sex at a relatively slow pace, at least in the beginning.
  • Take a warm bath before sex.
  • Have fun. If you have fun and a bit of a giggle sometimes it can be amazing.
  • Always be comfortable and let her touch you. Also get excited and try to be yourself.
  • Have sexual looks at her.
  • These tips won’t help with erectile dysfunction, the inability to achieve or sustain an erection. If you think you may have ED, talk to your doctor to find a treatment option that’s right for you.

And now I leave you with Adina Rivers, who is sharing her precious advice in the video bellow.



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