Best Woman on Top Positions

Men love the moments when their partners take charge in the bedroom. The Woman on Top position is preferred by many men because they have a fantasy – to be dominated by a woman!

The key – confidence in your own sexuality!

When a woman is on top, she must show self-confidence. Men are slaves and we are the dominators. For this reason, when you are on top you must show self-confidence and you have to transmit the message “Now you’re mine!”.

Woman on top positions do not only offer a very sexy view for him, but orgasms comes easier for women in these positions. If you like to have control when it comes to sex, but you are tired of the classic position, we come to help you with some suggestions. Here are the Best Woman on Top Positions that will help you escape the routine!

1. Bend Your Legs

For this position, you need strong legs. But the effort is worth. On top on your lover, bend your legs and supports them to bed. In this position, you rise and you descend on your partner, controlling the pace, depth and angle of penetration. You can ask your partner to support you with his hands to last longer.

Best Woman on Top Positions

Best Woman on Top Positions – 1. Bend Your Legs

2. The Squat

While the man lies on his back on the bed, you  should get on top of him. However, instead of using your knees to go up and down, you will instead squat and use your feet to go up and down slowly.

Best Woman on Top Positions

Best Woman on Top Positions – 2. The Squat

3. Sexy Back

Sit on your partner with your back toward him. He has to keep his legs apart while you keep yours together. You can use a vertical move or a circular motion of your hips. Both moves will stimulate your vagina and his penis.
Lean on his knees and be the one who dictates the pace, movement and depth of penetration.

Best Woman on Top Positions

Best Woman on Top Positions – 3. Sexy Back

4. The Ride 

You have to sit on top on your partner, facing him. Lay on your back and stretch your legs while you are leaning on his feet. Both of you have legs apart.

Best Woman on Top Positions

Best Woman on Top Positions – 4. The Ride

5. Lap Dance

He must stand on a chair. You stand over him and move freely. It’s a great position because it gives you the freedom to move as you want and because you can always improve lascivious movements similar to those characteristic to sensual dances. You have the power!

Best Woman on Top Positions

Best Woman on Top Positions – 5. Lap Dance

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Sex is our body!

Sex is our mind!

Sex is our soul!



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