69 Oral Sex Position

It is known that men love oral sex, but what about women?

Yes, women enjoy receiving oral sex as much as men.

Want in on the most adventurous oral sex position of all time? Some of us like to give and some like to receive, but with the 69 position you can have the best of both worlds. What better way to have a great oral sex than when both partners are getting pleased at the same time?

This great position it’s called “69” because of the way it looks when you and your man match your mouths to each other’s genitals.

How to do it

The “69” position can be performed both with man on top and woman on top.

You can even do it sideways. It is a more relaxed position than others.

If you want to control how much pressure you receive, try the girl-on-top position. Straddle your guy’s chest, facing his toes, lean forward, and straighten out your legs, so you have easy access to his genital area and he has access to yours.

69 Oral Sex Position

69 Oral Sex Position – Girl-On-Top

If being on top gets a little tiring, or you just want to give your lover the power, lie back and let him straddle you.

69 Oral Sex Position

69 Oral Sex Position – Man-On-Top

Finally, there’s the side-by-side pose, where you both lie of your sides facing each other, with your mouths directly in front of the other’s genitals. If you bend your top legs at the knee and put your feet flat on the bed, you can use each other’s lower thighs as a cushion to rest your heads.

69 Oral Sex Position

69 Oral Sex Position – Side-by-Side

A Kinky Trick…

Position mirrors around you so that you can both enjoy alternative views of each other from different angles to turn you both on even more.

Also, if you are very flexible, you will impress your partner with the amazing “cascade” position, which gives you the unique sensation of having an orgasm with your head downward.

69 Oral Sex Position

69 Oral Sex Position


Don’t freak if your erotic endeavors don’t result in the most amazing orgasm ever. Some people find it difficult to concentrate on their own pleasure while focusing on their partner.


Sex is our body!

Sex is our mind!

Sex is our soul!



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